A webmaster is in charge of maintaining Web sites for companies and individuals on the World Wide Web. This is a job that requires a wide range of skills and abilities, since many webmasters must do much more than simply write computer codes or update links to other Web sites. The webmaster is ultimately responsible for ensuring that a Web site is easy to navigate and that it addresses the needs of the client and its customers.

Webmaster technical knowledge generally spans many programming languages, such as PHP, ASP, and Javascript. They handle the technical aspects of overseeing website construction and maintenance, but also oversee management of content, marketing, advertising, and fulfillment of orders for ecommerce sites. Other responsibilities include the coordination of different users of a website in terms of access rights, and setting up a site’s navigation.

Webmasters who work with an online business also have the responsibility of promoting their websites. In the highly competitive world of Internet marketing, free webmaster tools are essential for those who wish to succeed. There are many types of webmaster tools, including those for promotion, free website analysis tools, design, website traffic and many more. Internet marketing is also at the center of a webmasters responsibility, with so much competition on the web this is no easy task. This is another reason that many marketers on the Internet use and value free tools that aid them in the massive job of website promotion.

Another important part of a webmasters duties is the legal protection of websites. Making sure to have proper privacy policies, terms and disclaimers is essential to protect the website owner and visitors from legal issues that may arise. Sometimes the webmaster employs others to do these tasks. For this reason, many websites will have different administrators whose purpose is to perform specific tasks, whether it be moderating user comments or designing the website(s). In these cases, the webmaster is responsible for opening up lines of communication with these administrators.

The roles of a webmaster are many, but with a few simple tools and helpful hints you can create an amazing website that will encourage your customers and clients to continue coming back.

Author: Alfred Dabu