If you have a local business then you should definitely read this. Local SEO will help your business get more clients by the day! Your business will show in Google places which puts your business on the map (literally). Instead of wasting resources on targeting a market which most likely won’t ever visit you, you should focus on Local SEO all the way. Here are some tips and tricks on how to do it.

-Claim your local listing on Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local.

-Add some photos of your business when you submit your listings. This can include photos of your products/services, the front of your local, etc.

-Submit the same information to all the sites, avoid confusions!

-Sign up in online yellow pages.

-Get social media accounts to promote your business. Facebook and Foursquare are two of the most popular ones nowadays.

-Ask your customers for Testimonials. Create confidence with potential customers by posting these on your site.

-Create specials and promote them; this could be the difference between choosing YOU or your competitor.

-Get social, online and offline. Try to get in touch with local events, associations and get yourself promoted.

-Run a geo-target PPC campaign.

-Get a mobile site; if you feel comfortable with it, create mobile ad listings as well.

-Be patient, local SEO takes time to get the results you want. But the waiting is well worth it.

-Give personal attention to your customers. Be it online or offline, dedicate a part of your day to replying to their questions, or comments.

How do you feel about Local SEO now? Ready to make a change for you and your business?

Author: Monica Baigts