People are asking so we thought we would explain exactly what is included in one of our newest services: Keyword Competition Reports

A keyword competition report is a report that clearly shows you exactly where your site is weak and how you need to improve to dominate the search engines for a specific keyword. 

What we do is we analyze your site and compare it against your top 10 competitors for a specific keyword.  We take over 20 different factors into consideration and allow you to see how your site stacks up against your competition for each of those 20 factors.  Each item that we compare your site with tells us exactly what types of links we need to build to get your site into the #1 position in the search engines. 

Have you been building links for a while but feel like you are just not getting anywhere?  Have you hired other SEO agencies and are frustrated with the lack of direction and the cookie cutter approach to link building?  Would you like to know exactly how many links and the potential cost analysis of what it will take to achieve top rankings?  Does your boss need to know exactly how much investment is required before you start to see a return on your search marketing investment?  Order one of our basic or advanced keyword competition reports today and stop wasting your money on links that are not helping to improve your sites ranking in the search engines!

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Basic reports are $1000 and Advanced reports are $3500.  With the advanced reports we compare your site with 20 of your competitors and analyze with over 40 different factors.  We also provide a detailed SEO strategy that you can implement or hire us to implement for you.

Allow 6-8 weeks for report delivery.