seoFor many SEO experts it may seem like their job is never done. This is so true because SEO is constantly evolving and changing in order to ensure that people get the best results possible in their online searches. The nature of Search Engine Optimization is such that any tool that can help speed up any part of the process can save SEO managers hours a day, allowing them to focus on other SEO projects. SEOQuake for Firefox is one of these such tools that no SEO manager should do without. It can help you analyze many SEO parameters literally in seconds.

Search engine optimization is basically the ability to optimize any internet content so that the major search engines can find it and like it enough to post it on the first few pages of their search results. Gaining these listings, organically, without spending thousands of dollars on Adwords costs can be the secret to the long-term success of a website. SEOQuake for Firefox is a tool that can help you analyze potential partner sites and help you compare your site content to your top competitors in seconds. The results can then be used right away or saved for a future date.

Let’s say that you are thinking of paying for a link from another website. You can simply run the SEOQuake tool to pre-qualify that site and see if it will be worth the expense. SEOQuake provides you with a wide range of default parameters such as Google PageRank for the current page, Google Index shows you the number of indexed pages, Google Link gives you the total number of links pointing to the page, and similar parameters for many other search engines. But SEOQuake does not stop there, it also offers you the ability to create custom parameters that you can turn on and off whenever you want to use them. This makes SEOQuake a truly powerful tool for anyone that is trying to maximize their site for SEO.

Here is a specific example of how SEOQuake for Firefox can help you with your SEO. If you knoSeoquakesw anything about SEO, you know the term keywords. As an SEO manager you spend countless hours researching keywords to find the most profitable and popular ones that consumers use in their searches. SEOQuake has a density tool plug-in that allows the user to see key information about keyword frequency, density and page arrangement so you can compare your site to the top site on a specific Google search. This can give you the opportunity to closely examine how you can improve these parameters on your site which can have dramatic effects on your search engine results.

Having the ability to analyze your competition is a smart way to improve the performance of your site. Like they saying goes, “Why reinvent the wheel?”. If something is working well for another site it certainly should work well for your site. SEOQuake can make a huge impact on your SEO strategy quickly and effectively.