Step three in the five-step process that leverages social media for business is listening to your tribe, and adjusting your methods. Listening occurs through feedback tools that measure and rank your social media effectiveness. Listening also occurs through Facebook and Twitter, which gives the business owner direct connection to your customers, clients, stakeholders and prospects. You want to move these groups though the social funnel. When they first encounter your social media stream, you are viewed as a potential source of valuable information. If you are consistent, and provide valuable information, you earn the position at which your friends and followers trust you as an expert. Expert status is earned, and the information you’ve provide is the currency.

You listen to your tribe through social media tools. These sites are designed to allow you to see how far the message penetrated the social zeitgeist, and how much influence you’ve gained. Listening tools include:

  2. Google Analytics
  3. Hootsuite analytics
  4. Facebook insights

Below is a picture of one of the more comprehensive measuring and listening tools from   Klout measures your online activity across Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, the three largest social media tools, to arrive at an overall score from one to one-hundred. The higher your score, the more effectively you are using social media. Below is a screen shot of my personal Klout score. (

For an excellent review of Klout, and how to use it to manage and measure your social media campaign, check out the article “Understanding your Klout Score” at:

We’ll cover the fourth step next, which is marketing your business online.