Organization is a most important key to running a smooth and profitable business! Without a system you have chaos which will result in certain failure.

Organization requires a system. Not everyone is going to do things exactly the same, so you need to figure out what works best for you and stick with it! For example: Every business should have an employee list. Some may prefer them to be listed alphabetically and others may prefer them to be listed according to title. I would recommend making a list for both ways. This way, you have both options and depending on what you are needing, you have them both at your access when trying to find information. Make sure that all of the information on these databases match and be sure that whenever you are creating new files, the information always

So, in saying this, here are a few simple steps to organization.

Step one, be sure that you have spreadsheets set up in an orderly fashion. Donʼt just list names or jobs as they come to mind or as they are hired or assigned. Have a system and stick to it.

Secondly, be sure to keep lists current and be sure the information matches all the files! If you update one file, be sure to go through and update them all right then and there or you will forget.

This way you avoid confusion!

Thirdly, find a system that you can use without having to constantly change. For example: If you have employee codes, you may not want to do them alphabetically because as new employees come you may have to completely reassign the codes depending on where they fall in the list. Change is good, but not when you have to do it weekly or even monthly. If you find a better way, then definitely, update, but avoid unnecessary changes. Once again, bear in mind that if you make a change, you need to follow through and make the changes to every file and spreadsheet that the information has been updated!

Fourthly, avoid having multiply people keeping records and handling files and important documents. Here again, not everyone is going to do things the same and records are going to be kept differently. So, if you have a large staff, you definitely need to have a system IN WRITING that everyone follows or you will end up with complete chaos and much confusion. Make sure the doors of communication are wide and kept open, if such is the case.

Lastly, keep ONE notebook handy that you can jot things down in and go back to for reference. Avoid sticky notes and scrap papers if you want to keep your sanity!

There is never an excuse for chaos and disorder. Get into the habit of being orderly and organized and life will be a whole lot less complicated and stressful. It may take you a little bit of time to get organized, but once you are, it is not nearly as difficult to stay that way, and a whole lot less complicated to maintain! So, find a system and stick with it!!!

Author: Tisa Damron