While the main form of communicating with customers online used to be through content alone, there are now many different ways to interact with your customers. Whether you are adding a chat option to your website for customers to receive faster feedback or a “talking head” to introduce your products or services, Web 2.0 has been given a new dimension. The latest trend that can provide added value to many of your existing marketing strategies is the introduction of video. Using video correctly can add to your customer experience and directly help to increase your conversion rate. What is the main thing that internet shoppers are looking for? The answer is information. If you can provide them with targeted, informative and attractive information with videos, you will see dramatic results.

Video does bring an entirely new dimension to your website. It gives you a way to have that personal, face to face interaction with your customers that the internet could never offer before. Many internet shoppers like the convenient, laidback shopping experience that the internet offers, and therefore, video is a great way to provide them information on their own terms. Customers can watch videos anytime they want and the great thing is that they are receiving the same, informative message that a customer received yesterday. This means that you are providing consistent information that does not get interpreted differently by different customer service representative day to day. This will lead to very happy customers.

Not only does video give you the opportunity to have face to face interaction with your customers it can give them a great message about who you are as a company. The tone of the video can actually add the personality of your company into the customer experience. This is much easier done with video than with text alone. You can even use strategically formulated videos to influence the buying decisions of your customers. Do you have a new line of products that you want to promote? Video is a great way to introduce new products to customers and get them excited about buying them. It is also a great way to show the benefits of add-on features. You can really explain why making that additional purchase will be beneficial to them in the long run which will directly increase your profits per sale.

As with any type of marketing strategy, it is important to make sure that it is appealing to your customers. If you have people in your video, you want to make sure they give off a professional feel and that your customer demographic finds them relatable. You need to make sure that the information you are providing answers a specific customer concern and does not just bore them with useless information. If video is not done correctly it can have very negative impacts to your business. If you are completely new to video marketing it is a good idea to get some professional assistance. You want to make sure that you maintain a good image of your company and a poorly produced video can turn people off really quickly. Video is a really great way to educate customers, put a face to a company and build your company brand. The most important thing is to just make sure that the end product is appealing to the consumer.